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Renault Trezor Concept Boasts Sci-fi Form + Signals French, Autonomous Future



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‘Trezor’, a two-seater electric coupé, embodies the new design philosophy Renault introduced on its ‘dezir concept’ in 2010 before inspiring the lines of new Clio in 2012. with its powerful styling and passion red coachwork, the ‘dezir’ heralded the first stage of a design strategy founded on the cycle of life: falling in love. the Trezor goes further, by symbolizing feelings of maturity and commitment. it reflects the maturity of Renault’s designs.

 ‘The Renault range has now been completely renewed and upgraded with a spectrum of complementary models, each one of which has its own assertive identity. with the trezor, we have pursued this renewal by introducing a new lifecycle sequence. this concept car is the fruit of a freedom of expression and prepares the way for the trends we are likely to see in our upcoming vehicles. these trends fall into two categories: french design and easy life’, comments Laurens van den Acker, senior vice-president, Renault corporate design.

The electric coupé concept features the new Renault styling cues that are to be found across the contemporary range, namely warm, simple, beautiful lines; a clearly-defined family face and C-shaped lighting signature. Smooth at the front, this bodywork mirrors the car’s dynamic character. At the rear, it features hexagonal panels that underline the ‘Trezor’s’ sporting temperament and technology.  The metallic finish conveys an image that is both sleek and protective.

On the bonnet, the honeycomb-form air intake echoes the structure of the rear bodywork. These hexagonal shapes provide a variable-geometry intake, the movement of which embellishes the ‘trezor’ with extra dynamism and creates the impression that it is ‘actually breathing.’ on the left-hand side of the body, the fuel filler hatch has been replaced by an analogue gauge that indicates the vehicle’s charge level, drawing on traditional sports car practice.

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