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Areas Prone To Robbery in Lagos – Drivers, Take Note!



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Driving in Lagos can be fun and at the same time can be so frustrating, if you are lucky to know some major parts of the city, you can always consider yourself lucky. It is one thing to know the major routes and it’s another thing to stay safe from been robbed, with the economic situation in the country, which has caused untold hardship to the citizens, some guys have decided to waylay unsuspectingly drivers of their valuables and other items. We compile to you, list of dangerous roads/routes to avoid once it is night, its either you zoom off at high speed or you take security measures…

1. Checking Point Bus Stop, VI
This bus stop is a den of thieves and robbers all thanks to the lagoon close by, once it is 8pm and you are within that place, what you see is what you get. One wonders why a place that has the military presence around as there are policemen guarding the embassies within that area will these have these guys walking free

2. Berger Bus Stop (along OPIC–Ibadan Expressway)
For those going to Mowe, MFM, Redeem Camp and all the way to Ibadan, this bus stop is a place to watch for as criminals attack victims with guns on the long bridge and in traffic jams.

3. Apogbon Bridge, Lagos Island
This place can be termed the headquarters of the bad boys, the boys have upgraded to robbing in afternoon. Apogbon bridge spans from CMS and links to Costain, Stadium and other axes. These criminals recently devised a means of breaking the windscreen even if its wind up. Their soft targets are mostly ladies and women who drive alone in their cars but there are reports that these activities have reduced due to the presence of the police on this bridge

4. Ojuelegba Bridge
When Wizkid sang about Ojuelegba in one of his singles, he was talking about the struggle and how they used to work hard to earn a living but this seems not to be the case now as the area is no longer safe at some point, the place is always busy during the day but when it is 10pm, the place can best be termed on your own, God bless you that you have a flat tyre within that area, you know you have to settle the boys.

5. Oshodi Oke/Isale
The fear of Oshodi is the beginning of wisdom, the name alone sends shivers to drivers and commuters that toll that place. Oshodi is notorious for notorious for bag snatching, pickpocketing and mugging during rush hours, some reports have it that people have been kidnapped within that area.

6. Obalende Bridge
Obalende bridge connects CMS, Ikoyi, Obalende community together but this place is fast becoming something else despite the efforts of the Lagos State Government to raid these guys off but they keep coming back. Even the force headquarters within the place do not scare them.

7. Abule Egba Traffic Light
Abule Egba area is when you are going to areas like Sango Ota, Alagbado then you have to pass through this area. This bus stop is noted for violent mugging and dangerous street urchin who can forcefully take your belongings and even harm you.

8. 3rd Mainland Bridge
This place needs no introduction as many people have been robbed on this bridge, due to the Lagoon, people are helpless and this gives the robbers the opportunity to operate effortlessly. Reports have it that RRS are manning a 24-hour surveillance on this bridge but it’s better to be warned as police may not be around when the boys are operating

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