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See The Eyesore of NPA Lilypond Terminal At Marine Beach, Apapa



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For those that grow up or school in Apapa, The Lilypond Terminal won’t be difficult to recall and remember. Lilypond Terminal is located at Marine Beach close to Ijora -7up under the bridge. Lilypond Terminal is home to trucks and containers.

Growing up in the early 90s around this place is a beauty to behold especially to primary school students who use the footbridge where you can see the inside of the terminal and how trucks are being lifted using the forklifts from one place to another, its usually a sight to behold as you can spend hours watching it. Those memories seem to have faded away when the trucks, trailers, and mechanics take over Marine Beach.

The place is nothing to write about as everywhere you go you see trailers, trucks and those doing illegal bunkering they have so spoilt the place that its an eyesore. The golden council of yester-years is now a gory sight. So bad is it that these trucks now park under the bridge and they have destroyed some pillars holding these bridges, the place is hell to car owners, to workers within that place and especially to the general public.

The Lilypond Terminal has been under lockdown for some years but due to the presidential order has been open to accommodate the trucks.

The Presidential Committee on the evacuation of trucks and trailers off Lagos roads and bridges were in Marine Beach and after inspected the damages and nuisance these trucks constituted, they embark on clearing the under bridge at NPA Lilypond terminal Marine beach Apapa, of makeshift structures as part of the restoration of sanity to Apapa port axis of Lagos on Thursday.

These are images from the cleanup of the terminal on Thursday…

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