FRSC Arrests A Lady For Using Google Maps In Abuja, Slams Her With Charges - PHOTOS
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FRSC Arrests A Lady For Using Google Maps In Abuja, Slams Her With Charges – PHOTOS



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The Federal Road Safety Commission is at it again. The news broke last week when the FRSC was quoted using Google Maps is an offence, this statement went viral as the social media users called them out for still working in the old age, the FRSC quickly backtrack on their statement where they claimed they were misquoted out of context.

The FRSC in Abuja arrested a lady named Mary Ikoku, her offence was using Google Maps. According to her post on social media, her car was impounded and she was asked to follow them to their office. She was fined 4,000 Naira and was also asked to check into a national hospital for mental evaluation for driving with Google Map.

Wow! We still have a lot of surprises in this yuletide. Men of the Federal Road Safety Corps have just impounded my car. Asked what’s my offence, they said, show me your phone and I turned my phone to him, and the guy said you are under arrest for driving with the aid of Google map on your mobile phones. Wawu!! I’m like seriously!! He said, madam, it is a serious traffic offence. I asked to see the team lead, their team lead came and after hearing fro his colleague and I said, “the law forbids motorists from using mobile phones in any form while driving, as it can lead to an accident”. I can see you are using Google map on your phone. Madam, it is distractive so follow us to our office.


FRSC Arrests A Lady for Using Google Maps

This is unbelievable!! You see ba, I have an emergency and have requested for a ticket so I can deal with this later but they said No. I must drive to their office. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been given a ticket of N4000 payable to Remita my offence is using GPS. They have my car and my keys and my drivers license. When I’m done paying to remita then I will be checked into a national hospital for mental examination for using GPS while driving. The real mad folks are those who believe is an offence to drive with Google map. They called Google map a distraction. So if you are driving in Abuja, ditch the GPS and drive on, get to the middle of the road stop and ask any road safety or traffic warder thus; oga where is the direction to Apo, Asokoro or just anywhere you are going. You don’t need a direction map. The worst kind of illiteracy is the illiteracy of a government.

FRSC Remita Charge
Please if you have an opportunity to live in a saner place, now is the time to weigh your options and check out. A lot of things don’t make sense here.

She presented the tickets and the file case she was given. Her offence was using GPS while driving.

In a new post, she revealed that her car has been released to her after some FRSC officers intervened. The mental evaluation was also waived.

Update on the Road Safety saga: My car has been released to me. It took the intervention of two Road Safety guys Adeniyi and Akeem. God bless them. Fine officers I must say.

The guys also took me to the office of the corp marshal for emotional evaluation waiver. I had a great conversation with the gentle men and can tell that indeed there are some great guys within the road safety. The overzealous ones may be in every corner and in your face but those two are incredibly awesome in handling my matter.

Let me use this time to thank you all my friends who made a call or two. Thank you for not calling Nigeria a zoo out of provocation but e reach to do so lol. What is the price of a #hatespeech by the way. Believe it, use of phone while driving whether is for Google map or map Google is an offence.

The rebuttal from the corps marshal is neither here nor there. Please read it again and be guided. There was indeed, a country.


Last week, the FRSC said, the service’s commander Wobin Ayuba Gora was quoted out of context on the use of Google Maps app while driving.

“The Corps wishes to state that the Sector Commander must have been misquoted and his statement outrightly misrepresented because the Federal Road Safety Corps as a technology-driven organisation is not and has never stood against the use of google map by motorists,” the service public education officer, Bisi Kazeem said in a statement on Wednesday.

“According to the writer, the FCT Sector Commander while delivering his ember months address stated that driving with the aid of Google map using a mobile phone is a serious traffic offence.”

The commander was quoted in media reports saying the law forbids motorists from using mobile phones in any form while driving, as it can lead to an accident.


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