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Checkout An Electric Vehicle That A Nigerian Company Made



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This is another Made-in-Nigeria Electric Motor Company that has been unveiled.

Electric Motor Vehicle Company (EMVC), a Nigerian- owned company manufactures Nigeria’s first electric vehicle called EMVC Igwe aka “Ajebo Keke” which has been officially unveiled to the public.

The electric vehicle, which was assembled by the Electric Motor Vehicle Company (EMVC), has been tagged as an innovation that will enable Nigeria and Nigerians to benefit from the gains in renewable and sustainable energy. This innovation will help to foster an eco-friendly environment.

The Electric vehicle comes with a distinct and special feature; a reverse camera, BlueTooth, fan, and mp3 player, and its range is 350km per charge which is why it was named EMVC Igwe aka Ajebo Keke.

Just like Shoichiro Honda, founder of the Honda Motor Company and Kiichiro Toyoda founder of the Toyota Motor Company, EMVC company is later named ADOJA by the founder in honour of his father.

The “Adoja” electric vehicle is produced by the Electric Motor Vehicle Company (EMVC). The indigenous electric car manufacturers in Nigeria were invented by our very own son, Prince Mustapha Mona Audu.

These vehicles have zero CO2 emissions and zero noise pollution, with a driving range of 200 km to 300 km on a fully charged battery.

However, the material used to assemble the 100% electric and zero-emission car was mostly sourced locally.

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