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STR CAF 13 Concept Motorcycle : The Last Roar of Petrol Engine



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As the world changes we develop new and ever cleaner technologies to power our rides, and now we’re at the point where they’re even capable of acting in our stead. These booming tech inventions greatly improve our comfort and safety, but there are riders out there who just can’t bear the idea of getting rid of the well-proven heart of their machines, ones who don’t easily give up the handle bars to an AI. They can’t stand to ride in silence and freaked out by the idea of having to power their rides the same way as their vacuum cleaners. This bike was created as one last celebration of a vanishing era with a real petrol powerhouse vrooming under the fairings.

The unique mono frame has the geometry of a speed bike, combining the agility and the freedom of a naked bike. Guaranteed you’ll be grinning under the helm as you give the order to the modified V4 engine block and bring alive the 170 horses from the 1299 ccm. You can feel the untangled power and the deep bass as you cruise the streets. Thanks to the special composite fairings and the clean design the loaded weight is under 200 kilograms.

Despite the classic engine, intelligent technology is used throughout. The smart headlight with LED daylight gives us superior eyesight and constantly works together with the sensors as the balance of the body changes. It has a fully adjustable suspension system and even the base version comes with ABS and traction control with 6 different levels of setting (rain, cruise, road, road warrior, course and race) to aid us as needed, though the brave ones can fully disable all the control features.

The superior model – called Brynjar, appropriately the ancient Norse word for warrior – is under development, featuring a unique paint job, 6 piston brake calipers, 24 more horsepower, 34 less kilograms and to be even more frightening, it comes without any AI aid features. You have to be a true warrior to ride one of this beasts!

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