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Necessary car Maintenance For another extra-long term use



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After that car has served for five years and is out of warranty and you have raked in an additional 60,000km or more on the odometer, but you are still attached to the car and wish to use it for another extra five years or possibly more, here are a series of service maintenance you can embark on to make the car look good like new again.

Fluid change

Fluids like the ATF, brake fluid, power steering, suspension/hydraulic fluid etc. Most of these fluids are supposed to be change once in a blue moon compared to engine oil. Changing these fluids will bring back fresh start to the mechanical parts it serves.

Air filter

Air filter helps protect against particles in the air getting into the system. Changing the engine air filter helps assist the engine to breathe better and changing the cabin air filter for cars with such will help with fresh air in the cabin.

Spark plugs

For the petrol powered engine, spark plugs are used for detonation of the air and fuel mixture which leads combustion. Weak spark plugs cause rough idle and stalling of engine while dead ones won’t cause combustion a crank no start issue.

Bushings, seats and mounts

Do you notice metal clinging on rough roads, vibration in engine bay or other ungodly sounds outside while car is moving, well it could be rubber bushings in suspension parts or engine seats and mounts on various mechanical parts. Ask a good technician to confirm if these rubber paddings have cracked or worn out and replace as needed.


Grease is a form of lubrication but not the Vaseline or cream, but there are parts that uses grease on cars, is that door creaking when you open it or your van slide doors are always stiff or slow moving for the automatic ones, then putting grease in the required parts will go a long way in reducing wear and tear.


Yes these mechanical parts have rubbers that help with visibility during rain or mud splash from other road users, they lose their smoothness as time passes by, its time they retire and you employ fresh new ones

Bulbs and lamps

Yes if you have the funds fresh new bulbs and lamps would go a long way in ensuring visibility during those night movements


Confirm if the threads are worn and replace all five tires, a less used tire (Spare) losses quality compared to those who are always on the tarred road.
Article By:
Nurudeen Adetoro (Nurey)
Nurey is a car enthusiast and lover of cars, call him a car psycho and you wont be far from the truth

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