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Honda Sound Sitter Calms Your Baby with Relaxing Engine Sound – Photos



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Imagine a toy that can calm the nerves of your crying baby! Not just a toy but a Honda toy car.

All babies do is crying, a lot especially when they need attention, hungry or when they get cranky. This can be troublesome to parents or caretakers when they are traveling. Honda, as an automobile company, wanted to tackle that issue as a company that supports mobility. Honda Sound Sitter has been designed and developed for small children, it’s a small stuffed toy that produces an engine sound, which you already know has a calming effect. It’s a cool effect hidden in the engine sound of a car, therefore, this stuffed toy was born.

Honda Sound Sitter is designed with built-in speakers that produce soothing engine sound of a car. By operating buttons remotely, this unique sound can calm your baby, just like white noise. This sound sitter aims to provide baby with calming and soothing sound where they can feel safe when traveling with their families.

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