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Should You Hire A Mechanic To Replace Your Vehicle’s Cross Member?



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Many people like taking do-it-yourself approaches to anything and everything, including car/truck repairs. Are you such an individual? If so, good for you. Tackling a project on your own can be a learning experience that helps you when other problems occur later on. Going the DIY route can also sometimes save you money. Why sometimes? Because you could make the current dilemma worsen. Then again, you might mess something else up when attempting a repair and have to fix it too.

That’s why when it comes to particular tasks, it may be best to leave them up to the professionals. Mechanics have the education, training, and tools to diagnose issues, repair them, and get peoples’ rides back on the roadways quickly. So what types of jobs should be left up to auto shops? That’s a good question, but there are entirely too many to list them all here, so this article will focus on a demanding assignment, replacing a truck frame cross member, that you might want to leave up to someone else.

Reasons Not To Replace A Cross Member Yourself

When removing and installing a cross member, the truck must be lifted off the ground more often than not. That means if a person does the chore at home, jacks and jack stands can enter the picture. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, as the devices are designed for just that. However, if you misplace one of the units and it slips, the vehicle could come crashing back down to the ground.

That may not sound like a huge deal, but it can be, especially if you are beneath the truck at the time. In addition, if it lands on your arm, leg, or something else, serious injuries can become parts of the equation. Not to mention, if the car strikes you just right, you could even lose your life just from attempting a vehicle repair. Hence, when you want to keep injuries or death at bay, it might be best to let a mechanic handle your cross member replacement.

Last but certainly not least, another reason not to take a DIY approach to replace your cross member is that you could bust something else and cost yourself more money. For instance, maybe you’re attempting to loosen a bolt when the socket and ratchet slip, hitting and knocking a hole in the oil pan. Then, not only will you have the cross member to deal with, but you’ll also have to replace the busted pan.

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