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Driving Tips for First Time Drivers in Lagos



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Driving in Lagos can be fun especially when driving in areas like VGC, Ikoyi, Lekki and other tush areas in the state, but been a first timer driver in Lagos, you need to learn to live by the rules. Welcome to Lagos, the city of the aquatic splendor, Lagos is the commercial nerve of Nigeria and it’s the fastest-growing city in the world, according to Nigerian Bureau of Statistics, close to 8000 new people enter Lagos daily and out of 8000 people, only 4000 go back to their various destinations which mean Lagos has 4000 new folks every day. Being the first timer in Lagos may look weird or frustrating at times especially when you hear shouts like Ojuelegba, Ojuelegba, wole pelu change e oo (Ojuelegba is a name of a locality in Lagos) what this literally means is that, Ojuelegba, please enter with your correct fees and the list is endless. We bring you tips on how to drive successful in the city, what to watch out for and how to have fun when driving the city of Lasgidi. These are what to watch out for when driving in Lagos for the first time

1. The police is not always your friend

The Nigerian Police are set of wonderful people, they are meant to provide safety and orderliness to the populace, but being a first-timer, you have to watch out for these guys. The Police are meant to give you adequate security, but any mistake may land you in trouble, God bless you that you made a little mistake, such as breaking traffic rules or that you have a foreign accent, verily I say unto thee, you must settle the boys, and something must drop. Most times you have to watch out and have to behave yourself, having all your correct papers does not mean you are free to go, just know that police is your friend

2. Danfo Drivers, Keke Marwa, and Trailers

At the mention of Danfo drivers, keke Marwa, and their brother trailers, every driver’s heart shakes. Never drag lane with danfo, taxi drivers or keke Marwa, trailers, tankers you will be the sorry one. You have been warned. Danfo and Keke Marwa is a Lagos public transport bus which is run and operated by a private individual who is licensed by NURTW. Danfo drivers are set of people you just can’t do without, they are restless, they break traffic laws at will, and they are always right no matter how you try to correct, they can disfigure your Bentley car within a twinkle of an eye. These drivers are always in hurry to drop their passengers, to avoid traffic or to outsmart the law agencies. My advice, please avoid them like a plague, those guys way no pure at all.

3. LASTMA Officers

The fear of LASTMA officers is the beginning of wisdom. The LASTMA officials are government officials put in place to control traffic and restore orderliness to the road, as tasking as their job may look like, controlling almost 5 million cars and buses may be challenging to them as tasking as this may sound or look, the law officers have a way of getting back to road users as well. It may interest you to note that Lagos frowns at one-way and another form, so been a first timer, kindly look out for one-way road and if you are not familiar with the road, please ask those toiling the road to ask as LASTMA may just be praying you took the way, and you know what that means, they take you to their office and you have to

4. VIO/FRSC Officers

VIO is Vehicle Inspection Officers and FRSC is Federal Road Safety Commission, VIO is controlled by the state government and FRSC is controlled by the Federal Government, these guys man the Lagos roads, they both have one thing in common, they issued tickets and they check your vehicle particulars and papers. God bless you when VIO checks your papers and you are found wanting, no amount of begging, threats or otherwise can make you escape their ticketings, at least be prepared to pay like 10,000 naira, those guys no dey look face, FRSC are more reserved and lenient and their charges are not as outrageous as VIO just that they have to seize your driver’s license until when you pay your charges.

5. Agbero/Area Boys

The agberos or area boys are the street urchins that specialized in giving you a treat and formally welcoming you to Lagos, so you must be smart, very smart. What they do is to rob off unsuspecting or careless drivers in traffic, so my advice, if you are driving in traffic, always wind up your windows and don’t be careless in putting your phones, laptops or personal belongings on the car seat if you won’t want stories that touch.

Addendum: Lagos is a beautiful place and a fun place to visit in as much as you abide by the rules and regulations, but if you are a foreigner, I will advise you go along with a guide who knows the routes, roads or you hire a private driver. Welcome to Lagos, the center of Lagos.

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