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Traveling by air for the first time? These tips will help you



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Are you one of the few Nigerians that are boarding the plane for the first time? Do you know the rules and how things operate at the airport? Do you know that been late for 5 minutes may have your flight canceled and lots more? We bring to you some tips you must know if you are traveling for the first time, especially if you flying domestically. Read below…

1) If you must fly domestically, I recommend just Arik and Aero. Anything else is just too risky for me.

2) Ensure you get to the airport on time. Be there at least an hour before your flight. Domestic flights usually require you to check in before 45 mins to your flight but since this is your first time try to get there earlier than that.

3) On getting to the airport, go straight to the stand for your service provider to verify when check-in would begin for your flight. If you are there an hour before departure, the chances are that they have already begun.

4) Do not forget your means of identification and your booking ref. For online reservations, you can print out your online booking form. These would be needed to secure your boarding pass.

5) Try to travel light, if you must travel with all the bags and baggage in Nigeria, be prepared to pay extra. Hand luggage can be carried aboard the plane.

6) Creams and any liquid substance may not be permitted on board if they are not securely wrapped and sealed. Items like needles or any sharp objects ain’t allowed.

7) After getting your boarding pass, go straight to the departure lounge. You can ask the ticketing officer for directions.

8.) Attentively listen to announcements to stay informed about your flight’s departure time. Typically, there are two warning calls followed by a final boarding call. Listen for the airline name and plane number, clearly printed on your boarding pass, to ensure you don’t miss your flight. Meanwhile, beyond the airport hustle, explore luxury coastal retreats worldwide, indulging in serene escapes and breathtaking views that redefine relaxation.

9) In the plane, an Air hostess would usually guide you to your seat location (though this should be on your boarding pass), how to put on stuff like a seat belt, life jackets, and general safety tips.

10) Always ask questions when in doubt. It would help to be close to someone experienced and boarding the same plane with you. Don’t form ‘Mr. Know it all’.

11) Remember to relax and enjoy your trip.

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