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Jelani Aliyu Makes Declaration of Commitment to Rise Above Challenges



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The newly appointed Director-General of the National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC), Mr. Jelani Aliyu (MFR), has recently assumed duties at the NADDC Headquarters in Gudu District, Abuja.

Below is his maiden declaration of commitment to Nigeria and Nigerians on his mandate in NADDC and pathway to achieving the aims and objectives of the Council:

“It is with huge honour and pleasure that I serve our magnificent country, Nigeria. I am committed to adding significant value to the automotive sector, and very much look forward to working with all my team at the National Automotive Design and Development Council, to positively and dynamically engage all the committed stakeholders, both in the public and private sector. My objective is to create a win-win for all the progressive companies involved and for the Nigerian people.

There is a certain magic that is Africa, and there is even a greater magic that is Nigeria. Any country with a population of over 180 million is serious business. My objective with the NADDC is to contribute to the success of this magnificent nation, to reach out and positively touch as many lives as possible as we enable access to attainable, effective and exciting transportation solutions that will add significant value and enable economic growth to every man, woman and child.

The importance of the automotive sector in any nation, whether developed or developing, cannot be underestimated, as it is both the direct provider of the logistics of life and the enabler of exponential multiplier effects.

These are critical and very exciting times for Nigeria and we have two options as a nation: we either, 1) choose to maintain the mundane status quo, inch along and be left behind as every other country speeds by taking millions around the world out of poverty, or 2) we can decide to strategize and boldly reach for the stars.

And so, imagine in the not too distant future a Nigeria of astounding accomplishments, a Nigeria so advanced that a majority of the problems we now face would by then have been relegated to the pages of history forever. That Nigeria is not just a possibility; it is an imperative destination, one that we must reach, as it may very well be our only hope for the very survival of our people.

The country is indeed now very fortunate to have leadership that is seriously committed to universal progress across the nation. A leadership committed to diversification away from oil, into industry and agriculture. And so, as the NADDC, this is an opportunity that we must seize to energize the automotive sector and make Nigeria not just another manufacturer of automobiles, but an advanced hub of automotive innovation that will set forth the future of Africa’s transportation solutions.

We shall empower our talented youths with the necessary professional training in contemporary automotive design and development, leveraging the most sophisticated technology, so they will innovate, design and develop automotive and transportation solutions that are in tune with our culture, climate, geography and economic structure.

Our manufacturing stakeholders must be encouraged and supported to leverage advanced technology in providing the most applicable, safest, most durable and cost-effective vehicles. The NADDC is committed to identifying progressive technical partners and investors from around the world who can work with us to develop the automotive sector potential in Nigeria.

Nigeria must not be defined by its current challenges, they are not who we are, we are bigger than them. We must be defined by our dreams and aspirations; we must be defined by what we can achieve. We must be defined by a better tomorrow, nothing is impossible, there are no impossibilities, there is only a better Nigeria to build.”

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