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5 Most Popular Car Brands In Nigeria



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Nigerians love comfort, we love life and we love to take things as it comes. According to NBS, there are 10million cars in Nigeria and they are still counting as new cars, designs and models emerge daily. It is one thing to buy a car, it is another thing to see its parts when it gets faulty or when it requires mechanical touch. We present to you top 5 popular car brands in Nigeria, these are brands you are likely to see even if you go to the remote area or villages in the country.

5. Volkswagen

One of the most famous German car manufacturers, Volkswagen, has a long and successful history of producing vehicles renowned for their comfort and reliability. “A people’s car” offers a wide range of vehicles, from compact and affordable Volkswagen Golf to the new stunning Volkswagen Passat. If you want to never worry about your car breaking down, a VW may be exactly what you’re looking for, thanks to the exceptional durability of the cars and its parts. Famous German quality made its way to the Nigerian market in form of Volkswagen! One of its famous cars is the tortoise design popularly called Ijapa.

4. Kia

Kia’s auto brand hasn’t had a long history in the Nigerian market yet, but this fact didn’t prevent it from achieving enviable success in the last few years. Thanks to the combination of outstanding design, durability of the car parts and systems, and excellent performance characteristics, Kia cars appeal to a wide category of buyers. Affordability is another factor that wins buyers over, and if you’re an environmentally conscious driver, you will be happy to learn that Kia puts a lot of effort into making its vehicles as eco-friendly as possible. Check out beautiful sedans like Kia Sorento and Kia Cerato, or a stylish and eye-catching hatchback Kia Soul.

3. Honda

For many buyers, cost-effectiveness is one of the main reasons to like or dislike a car, and Honda never disappoints its buyers in this regard. This famous Japanese car manufacturer releases one successful car after another, and Nigeria has fallen in love with them a long time ago. A wide variety of models like Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Honda Pilot, and Honda Cr-V have gained a mass following among buyers. And don’t forget about Honda’s luxury subsidiary known as Acura, which offers even more style, comfort, and performance.

2. Hyundai

Korean car manufacturers have achieved massive success all around the world, and Nigeria is not an exception. Out of all cars sold in Nigeria officially, Hyundai takes its rightful place among the top 5. One of the key features of Hyundai is its ability to quickly change with time, adapting to the new trends in the auto industry. If you’d like your car to employ all the latest technologies, while having an ultramodern look, Hyundai may be perfect for you! Take a look at Hyundai Sonata and Hyundai Accent if you like sedans, or Hyundai Santa Fe if you’re a fan of SUVs.

1. Toyota

Any list of the most popular cars in Nigeria wouldn’t be complete without Toyota. Toyota isn’t just another Japanese car manufacturer on our list – it’s an iconic brand with almost 100 years of successful history. Toyota’s lineup of cars makes it possible for every buyer to find their perfect car: from smooth and attractive sedans like Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla to off-road beasts like Toyota Highlander and Toyota Rav4. Fuel efficiency, unbeatable performance, appealing styling and exceptional reliability makes Toyota a desirable choice for a lot of buyers


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