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Grinding Noise In A Car – These Are Some Likely Reasons



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Nothing frustrates a driver than when the car breaks down in a place that help is not forthcoming, imagine your car breaking down on 3rd Mainland bridge in Lagos or at an expressway in Abuja, definitely, you are on your own.

A car makes weird noises at times. In fact, over a time, a car may develop grinding noise when turning and starts behaving abnormally. While some noises that arise in a car maybe systematic, there are some, which signify certain issues. And, it is a wise thought to rectify the issues in time to prevent further destruction. The noise coming out of a car is most probably the result of fiction of some kind, from the car’s internal mechanism.

How to Diagnose a Car’s Problem

You will notice that mechanics diagnose a problem by merely listening to the noise. The best way is to check the car’s condition when humming into first-second and third gears. To identify the cause of the problem at first, you need to recognize the source. Furthermore, when you turn and hear the sound, gauge whether it is coming from the rear or the front side.

Probable Causes of Grinding Noise When Turning

After consulting several mechanic experts about the key reasons behind grinding noise in a car, you will notice that every car model has its unique problem. Considering that every car model is unique and so is the problem, it is difficult to guarantee the absolute cause in the car.

But, here is the list of top three most likely causes for grinding noises.

Have a look!

1. Poor Wheel Bearings

If you are driving your car and it makes a noise when turning and it sounds like grinding, poor wheel bearings can be the cause behind it. Bearings act like a buffer between an axle and the wheel. Due to this, they prevent friction between the two moving parts. Therefore, the worn out wheel bearings lead to friction that causes the grinding sound when turning as the car bends.

The same noise persists when the car accelerates. So, the way out to stop the noise is simple – change the bearings.

2. Problems Related to CV Joint

It’s a less known fact that problems in the CV joint may cause the grinding noise when turning. CV joint is a part of the drive shaft, which comes acts a key role when turning. The problem in the CV joint can be major or minor, but all you need is to check out the axle to find out the issue.

3. Issue in the Brakes

Another important source of the weird noise can be a problem with the brake assembly. The key issues are a loose brake shield, worn out brake caliper and pads, or rotor misalignment. In any case, the best way is to check the entire brake system.

Noise from any part indicates friction that rips any car apart. Hence, it is essential to figure out the issue as soon as possible.

The moment you notice any abnormal sound in the car, never ignore it and take the car straight to a mechanic. Now you understood that the grinding noise when turning and accelerating the car are due to several factors. Make sure you seek professional help instead of trying DIY methods. Further, it’s a great idea to learn some maintenance tips to avoid any major problem in the car.

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