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A Review of Tinubu Fountain Square – Photos



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The last celebrated Democracy day was with a lot of mixed feelings. All work and no play, they say makes Jack a dull boy. Being a public holiday, AutoReportNG was on the Island and we decided to take a stroll through the Tinubu Square Fountain. Remember this fountain was refurbished and inaugurated by the former acting Commissioner for Tourism, Arts, and Culture, Mrs. Adebimpe Akinsola on Jan 2017. 17 months down the lane, we decided to have a feel of the fountain as first-time users.


Tinubu Square (formerly Independence Square), is an open space landmark located in Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria. It used to be called Ita Tinubu in memory of Madam Efunroye Tinubu, a slave trader, and business magnate, before it was named Independence Square by leaders of the First Republic and subsequently Tinubu Square.

The square is iron-fenced with two flowing fountains, flowers and tropical trees in it. It also contains a life-size statue of Madam Tinubu on a cenotaph.

The Place is open to the public free of charge

Kudos must be given to the state government for making the place free of charge, unlike Freedom Park where you have to pay 200 naira before you can have access to the venue. Tinubu fountain Square used to be under lock and key, this place used to be opened for people who may have a photo shoot or an official programme and they have to use the square, this has since changed since it was refurbished as the gate is thrown open from 9am to 9pm, Monday through to Sunday.

Clean Environment

With the square being sited in a residential and business environment, one would expect that the place will be flooded with dirt, human waste, food remnants and other filthy items especially as authorities are still battling with keeping Lagos clean, but the reverse is the case as both inside and outside the square is clean even to the seats around.

No cover/shade for visitors

I think the LASG needs to consider building a shade or a hut beside the fountain, it was observed that virtually all the fun seekers sat in the sun as the only shade available was occupied by some set of people who were holding a meeting in that place. It will be great if we can have small huts and shades like the freedom park around some corners.

The management needs to be proactive

Despite their appreciated efforts in making sure the park meets the standard of the public, AutoReportNG believes the concerned authorities can do better especially in making sure the square is not only comfortable for visitors but also eco-friendly.

Some of our observations are- the grasses seem to be fading off, and also the paints on the wall and on the seats are peeling off as well and you wonder if there are no allocations for these little but important things, also there seems to be presence of algae in the water as the water in the pond looked greenish.

Nonetheless, Tinubu Fountain Square is still a fun place to relax within the Island.

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