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Rivers Monorail: Is This The End of Africa’s First Monorail?



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Nigeria is blessed with people who can reason and also see into the future, despite our political difference, races, tribes, culture, we have managed to come together to form a coalition called Nigeria. Rivers state has come into political loggerhead and this is between the governor and his past predecessor, the war is so bad that it is depriving the state of some benefits and this includes what is supposed to be Africa’s first monorail which is been suspended despite reaching some limestones completion. Talk of a project which has been under so much controversies then all fingers will point to this project.

The Rivers State Monorail, also known as Rivers Monorail and occasionally as Port Harcourt Monorail, is a proposed monorail urban transportation project in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

The project was announced in 2011 and construction commenced in 2012. As of September 2017 construction has only been partially completed despite $400 million having been spent and the project is at a standstill. Some reports say the project will never be completed.

The train is supposed to travel on a fully segregated, mostly elevated, right of way. The right of way will include two tracks, except for single-track sections at terminals and for one-directional loops. The initial route includes two segments – Phase 1A from Sharks Park to UTC Station, and Phase 1B further north to Waterlines. The overall distance from Sharks Park to Waterlines will be 5.4 km. Further extensions are in planning phases.

It is planned to use Intamin People Mover P30 monorail trains, an electric driven train especially designed and most suitable for commuter services in cities. It is the most recent model of its kind and characterized by modern design, spacious cabins, and wide doors for easy access for passengers with luggage.

The train runs on rubber wheels which are connected to bodies and is laterally guided by means of side guiding wheels. The rubber-steel interface between train and guideway will have a good friction coefficient, leading to decreased vibration transmission to the train from the track. These attributes lead to higher ride quality and passenger comfort.

One train will be in operation in Phase 1A, and six trains in Phase 1B. A train will consist of seven individual cars. Six cars will carry passengers, and the seventh car will house the motors and electrical equipment. Driver’s cabins will be situated at each end of the train.

Passenger cars will feature safety and comfort systems. The air conditioning system is designed to provide a comfortable train interior, even if the outside temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit). Each train will be able to accommodate 172 passengers, with provision for 44 seated passengers included. One end car will have access for wheelchairs, and all cabin floors will be the same height as the station platforms to provide easy access for passengers with reduced mobility. Provision will be made for hand-held luggage only.

The design operating capacity for Phase 1A is 1,200 passengers per hour. With a maximum operating speed of 70km/h, the train will travel between end stations in about 8 minutes. Six trains will have a design operating capacity of 2,700 passengers per hour. Train travel time between end stations will be about 22 minutes. Passengers can expect a train to arrive every 8 minutes.

These are some of the pictures from the ground breaking, construction, test run and others.




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