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These Are Reasons Why There Are Traffic In Lagos Roads



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This is Lagos, home to many, a place some see as a land of opportunities, a place where some living outside it so much despise with all passion. Those living in Abuja always see Lagosians as “suffer-head” all thanks to the traffic and bad roads that littered across the state. Irrespective of these challenges, there is always a spirit that lives in Lagos, that’s the spirit of hustle. It doesn’t matter your class either rich, average or poor, you just want to get on doing something.

A comedian once said, Lagosians live in traffic, we only visit our house to change clothes which is basically true. Traffic in Lagos can frustrate someone reason why Lagosians love to trek! Not that they can’t afford the fare but when you calculate the amount of time you will stay in traffic and the number of hours it takes to get home, many people resort to trek and this can be seen in places like Yaba, Ijora Olopa, Ikorodu, Ikeja among others.

Lagos is an amazing city, a state of the aquatic splendor with all the beautiful weather that makes life easy. The number of persons who come to the city daily is a testimony of how wonderful it is. Lagos has one big problem and it is traffic! Even though the state government has done all within its power to curtail this but it seems there is little or no effect at all. So bad that LASTMA, Police, FRSC officers are helpless and resort to fate most times.

AutoReportNG went to town to get some reasons why there are always traffic in the city and these may interest you!

Wrong Way

Wrong Way in Lagos seems to be a norm as virtually everyone is guilty! It’s so bad that even the law enforcement officers which are the Police, Soldiers, LASTMA are all guilty of this crime. Everyone in Lagos seems to be in a hurry and ready to move at the same time. Some drivers especially the danfo drivers in Lagos are notorious for driving against traffic especially when their route is slow. As soon as a vehicle takes the first move, other drivers follow suit which usually results in traffic in the lane they are using.

The Rush Hour

Rush Hour in Lagos is a battle for the fittest and those that have a sharp mouth. These are times you see men in suit behaving like touts and area boys. It is so bad that even our so-called elite and highly educated men and women are caught in this web of game. Rush Hour usually starts from 5am till 8am as this is when work resumes and in the bid to meet up, they cause serious traffic. The traffic reduces during the day but builds up again when people are returning from work. rachat de voiture HS Audi, BMW, Ford, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Peugeot, VW It is almost impossible to use the Third Mainland Bridge to the Island in the morning without experiencing traffic.

Bad Roads

Lagos and bad roads are inseparable in as much as the government refused to repair the bad roads, we will always have this menace daily. Base on our study, bad roads force drivers to slow down their speed as they don’t jump into a road that will damage and dent their cars and during this process, other users are forced to wait for them until they are done and the same process starts all over again. The more vehicles that slow down to navigate potholes, the more traffic builds up. When this goes on for a long time, it results in gridlock.


Finally, the rain is here. Rain is Lagosians nightmare! If there is a way that we can swap rain, trust Lagosians that they will jump at this. Lagosians hate rain but we can’t cheat nature, nature will always have its way by reverting back to us. The rainy season in Lagos brings about heavy traffic especially places that have bad roads and drainages. Visibility becomes low and bad roads also contribute to the problem. Drivers during this period are very careful not to jump into drainages or holes which causes massive traffic.

Faulty Vehicles

Shout out to all mechanics in Lagos, they are the reason why some drivers are still driving their cars. Faulty Vehicles are major reasons of traffic jams on the highway, imagine a scenario where a tanker breaks down at Eko Bridge, the effect of the break down will span from there to Obalende of care is not taken.  Lagosians are notorious for not taking their vehicles for servicing and inspection until it develops a fault. Everyone wants to been seen driving a car but we don’t take adequate precautions and maintenance of the vehicles.


Nobody prayed for accidents but they happen. Either we like it not, if we fail to take necessary measures or we are careless with our cars, roads or other important things, an accident will definitely arise. When an accident occurs, the road will be blocked, cars are forced to slow down, people will want to know what’s going on thereby causing a total standstill among others.

Do you have other reasons? Let’s hear from you

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