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ASKA Flying Car: This Is The Car Lagosians Have Been Waiting For – Photos



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Some few weeks back, some group of Abuja residents took to Twitter to lament that they were suffering in Abuja because they were held in traffic for 5mins… Not even 30mins but 5mins and that has amounted to disturbing our dear twitter folks, what do you then expect people in Lagos that spend a minimum of 3 hours in traffic to do?

Lagos, home of traffic where people live, eat and sleep in traffic daily may soon get a solution to its traffic issues as a new car is about to berth.

Ready or not, here comes a new flying car design: the Aska, a dual-purpose vehicle designed both to drive on roads and to fly through the air so you can loft yourself over the gridlock.

Meet the Aska, a flying car developed by the American-Israeli startup NFT, short for Next Future Transportation. In fact, the machine is classified as an eVTOL vehicle, which stands for Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing. Basically, it can be either driven like a regular car with its wings folded back or used as a small private airplane with vertical take-off and landing like a helicopter. When the wings are unfolded, they expose 10 ducted fans with two more hiding at the back of the vehicle and two more integrated into the wings.

After working on the design for two years, the startup company, NFT unveiled a model of the Aska at an Israeli conference on Monday. We’re revealing the design exclusively here, along with the company’s plan to test-fly it in the first quarter of 2020 and to start selling it in 2025.

The newly named Aska — Japanese for flying bird — will be the size of a large SUV when on the road and will fit three passengers and runs on rechargeable batteries with a range extender (hybrid) propulsion system. It offers a smooth, comfortable journey in the air and on the road with no need to change vehicles. It has the ability to re-route like Google maps do — you can adjust your landing heliport depending on weather, turbulence, traffic or preference. One interesting thing about it is that no need for a pilot as it flies autonomously. Since this car is both drive and fly, it can be parked on the street/in a garage, and charge in existing charging stations. For takeoff and landing, minimal infrastructure is required (a launch pad of just 20 x 20 meters); ASKA will drive in and out, whereas other flying aircraft require terminals, special parking spaces and charging stations.

The Asaka concept car is a car which drives like a normal car, flies like a plane and takes off, lands like a helicopter and will cost 200,000 USD if it hits production, that is about 73million naira.

Lagosians, at last, you have the car that flies like a helicopter, like a plane all at the rate of 73million naira.

These are some of the pictures which might interest you.

Watch the video below…

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