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With These Ideas, You Can Turn Your Old Cars Into Treasures



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Irrespective of where we are as a nation, race, and nationality, one thing is evident, greatness abounds in us if only we can turn our mind and think into something positive. A Nigerian named Diseye Tantua seems to be quite different and he is blazing the trend in this regards even though we have others from the international scene.

Cars are seen as an essential part of human lives, they help in moving us from one location to another but another aspect to it is that cars can also serve as amazing masterpiece used in homes and furniture.

Every year, thousands of cars are either sold as scrap to the abokis on the street, destroyed or left to rust. Do you know that old car parts can be turned or molded into beautiful furniture? It just takes nice car parts furniture ideas and some inspiration to make some fantastic things with the car parts.

Bring Your Creativity To Another Level With Car Parts Furniture Ideas

Recycling old things is an ongoing trend; people have been recycling items for many years. So, why not cars? Cars have become an indispensable part of the modern world. They act as a mode of transport for several years. Therefore, people are bound to years of memories with their cars. Besides reading about the maintenance tips, the surefire way to keep the car near you is disassembling the car parts and creating something worth keeping. Here are some fascinating ideas that will give your sweet home a unique, appealing look.

1. Recycle The Old Car As An Office Desk

When a car reaches its end of the life cycle, dismantling becomes quintessential. Instead of selling your car as scrap, you can make an incredible desk. All you will be required to do is take the front part of the vehicle and attach a surface on it.

2. Recycle The Old Car As A Bed

Cars have become as ubiquitous as ever. Interestingly, new ideas are being invented to keep them as close as possible. Many people are turning their cars into campers and beds. Car beds are gaining a lot of attention because they are making it from broken vehicles. If you want to make your own car bed and experience the sleep on it, just take off the roof panel of the car and use the body as a bed frame. Meanwhile, make some changes to the car design, headlights, and the bumper.

3. Recycle The Old Car As A Couch

Making an adorable sofa or a homemade couch from an old car is super easy. To perform this DIY task, separate the front part of your vehicle and then mold it according to your preference. It is one of the car parts furniture ideas, which are famous worldwide.

TIP: Keep the original front lights intact with the car or customize them to give the couch an astonishing look.

Miscellaneous Car Recycling Ideas

One of the numerous ways we can make our old cars useful is by making them into an amazing piece of art and fun place. An old car can be made into a mini bar, a workplace, a mini playground for the kids and lots more.  One of this can be seen in Lagos where a restaurant turn a danfo bus into a restaurant, these and more can be achieved if only we are creative and think outside the box.

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