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World’s Largest Crude Distiller Berths At Dangote Refinery – PHOTOS



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The Dangote Group is a big player and when it decides to set its foot on a project, they don’t quit or look back. Despite all the hurdles and set back they encounter in the refinery project which is enough to quit, they are not quitting, in fact, they are going high and high.

The Dangote Oil Refinery recently received the World’s largest single-train crude distillation. This magnificent engineering masterpiece weighs 2250 MT (excluding internal trays); 112.5 m long; 14m wide and 13.75m tall and can fractionally distil 650,000 Barrels Per Stream Day.

The refinery equipment, which was manufactured by Sinopec in China, is the primary unit processor of crude oil into fuels.

How the distiller works is that Crude oil enters the top of the column, where the inlet temperature is 165 degrees Centigrade gradually increasing to 357 degrees Centigrade at the bottom of the column. 

“During this passage, the crude and its vapours pass through a complex web of internal trays to increase the contact time and surface area within the column with the hot vapours travelling upwards through bubble caps, which allow the vapour to pass through the tray with the cooler liquid flowing down the column. 

“When the vapour reaches the height within the column where its boiling point is equal to the temperature of the column at that height it condenses to form a liquid. 

“The liquid then collects on various trays in the column at differing heights from where it is extracted out of the column.

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“It is therefore critical to control the heat load of the column to optimise the crude crack.

“These separated fractions are mainly middle distillates namely, naphtha, jet fuel, kerosene, gasoline and gas oil.”

The refinery, when completed, would produce Euro-V quality gasoline and diesel, as well as jet fuel and polypropylene. 

The equipment was capable of refining 650,000 barrel per day (bpd) while the refinery was designed to be Africa’s largest, with potential to transform Nigeria from an importer of fuel to a net exporter.

AutoReportNG got some behind the scene images of this distiller and how they were installing in and this might interest you.

The Dangote Refinery is said to be completed in 2021. The project is said to have gulped billions of dollars. At the last count, about $35billion is said to have been spent so far.

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