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Road Safety Tips – While Walking On The Road



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Walking is essential in order to keep the body fit and also helps to keep the heart breathing at a good pace. As good as walking is, there are tips to follow and observe while taking a walk on the road. 

Walking on Lagos Street

These are tips while walking on the road.

• You should always walk on the pavement or footpath and if there is no pavement, walk on the right-hand side of the road so that you can see the traffic towards you.

• You have to be extra careful if you can’t see the road far ahead.

• If you are walking with a younger one, always hold his or her hand while walking on the road.

• Always walk in the center of the pavement, someone might suddenly open car doors.

• You should not behave on the street as you do on the playground.

• If a friend calls from the other side of the road, never hurry, check traffic first before crossing the road.

• You should not challenge or encourage your friend to do anything risky on the road.

• Be careful when crossing cycles, rickshaws and carts, they might be slow in movement, but they do not have an efficient braking system and can cause serious injuries.

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