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4 Essentials For Your Emergency Weather Kit



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Bad weather can strike at any time. Whether it’s a torrential rainstorm, a tornado, or a blizzard, it can really throw your life into a tailspin. Make sure to keep supplies at home so you are prepared just in case. If your vehicle gets dented by the storm, hail damage repair Denver CO can help. A few simple items can make it easier to ride things out until the weather improves.

1. Candles


It’s a real possibility that your electricity will go out because of poor weather, and you’ll want to have something to shed a little light on the situation. If a storm damages utility lines in your area, it could be days before power is restored. Make sure to have matches on hand as well, and keep flashlights with good batteries where you can find them.

2. Pet Identification

Pet Identification

Thunder and lightning can spook animals. Even if your cats, dogs, or other creatures do not have a history of running away, it can happen. Make sure they are wearing collars with a tag that lists their name, address, and your current phone number. It can make all of the difference when it comes to getting your furry friend back to your family.

3. Food and Water

Food and Water

If there is a particularly bad weather event, it may be a few days before you can make it out of the house again. There could be snow or ice, or flooding may have washed out roads for the time being. Keep a supply of canned goods and bottled water to last you a few days, just in case. When you are stocking up, make sure you have enough for every person and animal in your household. Check expiration dates a few times a year and replenish goods when necessary.

4. Playing Cards

This may sound like a strange item to keep around for an emergency, but you’ll be happy you did! If you are trapped inside for an extended period of time, perhaps without electricity, a set of cards can keep your mind occupied. Consider a few board games as well. If you are with little kids, this will help to distract them during a time when they might be afraid.

Taking time to prepare for harsh conditions before they happen will pay off dividends. Think through things now and you can help keep yourself and your loved ones protected from whatever comes your way.

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