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Things To Do Before Buying A Used Car (Tokunbo) In Nigeria



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Planning to buy a used car in Nigeria? You are not alone, reports that more than 60% percent of those planning to buy cars are targeting a Tokunbo. If you read to the end of this article I will show you how to get a vehicle history report at a great discount so you do not spend a lot of money and end up buying a damaged vehicle. 

Imagine buying a mechanically sound vehicle for nearly half the price of the new one! That’s how economical buying a used car is, because of this advantageous nature of used cars so many individuals are diving into it as individual buyers and as dealerships. 

A report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) shows that Nigeria is the largest importer of used cars in Africa! 

The report ranked Nigeria as the 3rd largest importer of used vehicles in the world from the USA, ranking 3rd behind the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Mexico.

But then there are so many pitfalls associated with acquiring a used vehicle, what should know about used cars? And what are the things you must do before buying a used car in Nigeria? This article is tailored to address these questions and more! 

Things To Do Before Buying A Used Car In Nigeria

The Nigerian market is swarming with used vehicles imported from the USA and Canada and other parts of the world, hence before you buy that car check out some of the things you may have to do. 

Get A Detailed Vehicle History Report

One of the major checks done to a vehicle before purchasing is a mechanical checkup, but there are so many things a mechanical check may not readily reveal! That is where the detailed vehicle history report comes in handy. 

The vehicle history report is a piece of document usually provided by a company called Detailed Vehicle History. The reports give information about the following with respect to the used car:

True Mileage: The mileage is an indication of how frequently a vehicle was used. High mileage may indicate a high level of tear and wear, but some dealerships and auto import/export businesses have found a way of reducing the mileage, a vehicle history report reveals the true mileage of a vehicle.

Accident Records: “All that glitters may not be gold,” they say, most cars shipped into west Africa are involved in either minor or major crashes, some are even titled as salvage. The vehicle history report tells you how many times the car was involved in an accident and shows you the degree of damage with images. 

Theft records: While most of us desire to buy a cheap car, none of us may desire to be in the nest or caught in the loop of an FBI/Police investigation for driving a stolen vehicle or a vehicle involved in criminal activity. Detailed Vehicle History’s vehicle history report helps you escape this pitfall.

The number of previous owners:  “Too many cooks, spoil the broth”, a car with multiple users over the years may have been overused, and may have a lot of tears and wear. The vehicle history report answers this question and helps used car buyers escape this great pitfall. 

Other information found in a vehicle history report includes but is not limited to:

  • Title brand/history
  • Service and maintenance history
  • Recalls 
  • Flood damage report etc. 

You will be glad to know that if you download the free “VIN decoder & Vehicle History” app from Detailed Vehicle History, you can decode a VIN for free and get a 60% discount for vehicle history reports when you apply the “Mega60” discount coupon. 

This coupon reduces the price to just 2600NGN, a price you can not get anywhere else on the internet! You can check out Detailed Vehicle History. 

Get A Mechanical Checkup

Except you are a qualified and experienced auto-technician, you should have the car properly inspected by an auto mechanic. Experienced mechanics usually have some checklists which they religiously follow to ensure their client buys nothing but the absolute best. 

Conclusively, in order not to get trapped in the quagmire of pitfalls associated with buying used cars in Nigeria, care must be taken to examine a prospective car carefully in terms of its history and mechanical soundness. 

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