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Ijora-Badia: A Slum of Cheap Sex, Illicit Drugs and A Filthy Environment



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In 1997-1998, Apapa was adjudged as the golden local government in Lagos. This is due to the fact that the area and its environs are always neat and timely but now, Apapa LGA may rank as one of the dirtiest in the state.

For everyone who has been in Lagos for quite some time, Ijora-Badia won’t be a new name to your hearings as you may at a point in time pass through this area either by car or by bus. For those who are not in Lagos, permit us to do a quick introduction of this area. Ijora-Badia is a rural area in Apapa-Iganmu LCDA, it has close boundaries with Apapa, Ajegunle, Oyingbo, Orile Iganmu and of course Amukoko.

Ijora used to be a bobbling city with lots of industries in its hay day. Industries like Michelin Tyres, Emel, Total, Mitsubishi Motors, also the headquarters of the 7up bottling company is sited at this area also around these areas.

Badia is a rural area and it’s estimated to have a population of 500,000 people living in this area but we can report that most of these areas in this city are mostly slums. A visit to areas like Abete, Arewa Street, and Lane among others, you can’t but weep when you see the living condition of these people. It’s so bad that these people live basically on dirt. Imagine going to visit someone and your host live in a canal. The house was made of plank, the plank was constructed on a canal (a slumpy area) and people built their houses over this canal neglecting the dangers thereof. There is a particular place called Ganganre and you can’t but shed some tears when you see the human conditions of these folks. Imagine the kids playing around in this sort of environment.

AutoReportNG was at Obale Road. Obale is in Badia, it is closer to Church Street and it is one of the most densely populated area in Badia. We took a trip towards Railway popularly called “Oju Irin”. Oju Irin, if you are coming from Gaskiya Road, can lead you towards National Theatre in Iganmu and also you can find your way in Nigeria Brewery office. We decided to pass through Obale Road to pass through the Railway leading to Iganmu but what we saw is a tearful event. We saw the conditions of Nigerians who live like destitute in their father’s land.

We are privileged to have a guide along as we are going and according to our host, Oju Irin is notorious for cheap sex, drugs, and crime of all sort. The ladies are ever ready for any customer irrespective of the time and your fees. During our inspection tour, we noticed all series of activities in this slum, for example, we saw a woman cooking close to the canal and the food is not covered, we saw a young lady of about 13-14 years who was smoking her life away, she didn’t even care if someone looks or not after all, that’s their way of life.

A friend with the same problem advised Viagra. The price is not small, but decided to buy. By the way, the wife was also happy. Now our sex life is stormy, as if I were 20 years old. It depends on the body.

Another thing is their makeshift toilet and bathroom, they used old zinc to make their toilet and bathroom but they dumped their waste inside the canal which is closer to them.

Words will fail us if we have to go into details of this area, this is not where you pray your enemies should stay.

As we continue on our trip, many questions were asked like, what is the state government doing to evacuate these people? They are under the Apapa-Iganmu LCDA, what has the chairman done to make life better for these people? This city pay tax at least some doe including the companies around this area, why has the government refused to fix their roads especially the Obale Road that leads to Ijora Oloye road.

While we expect reactions from the state government, we want to appeal for quick and urgent help for the people of this area. This area is nothing but a slum and a dent on the image of Lagos State Government.

For fear of attack and so as not to be noticed, we are unable to take as many pictures we will love to but these few can help.


























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